Friday, 22 February 2008

Riding Fit!

I had a fit while riding my bike. No I didn't. Just joking. Couldn't resist the pun on fit.

So finally! Fit to ride a two wheeled vehicular object safely on city roads again! It's been a while (since I can hold my head up high (sorry! It's an amazing song. Later) ) coming too. Makes you appreciate how much of a gift a fully functional body is. As I type this out, I'm still unable to lift heavy things... But it's an improvement. There was a time, not so long ago, when typing one handed was my only option. And that I can assure you is painful. And slow.

It's been a long road to recovery. Its not the big things that irk you, it's the small ones. Like not being able to squeeze out toothpaste. Like not being able to tie shoelaces. That's changing now. The hand is recovering. I'm going to (reload,) rev up and ride out! Have learnt a few things too.

1. Wear a helmet. Always. Even if you're just popping down to the grocery store half a kilometre away.

2. Keep your eyes peeled. Frequently, it's not your mistakes that will get you on the road, but those of others on the road.

3. Realise this : Bad luck will catch you before your lack of skill does.

Oh and the song! That's a Staind song that goes by the name of 'It's been a while'. Give it a listen sometime.

1 comment:

anu said...

and opening a cupboard with an auto-close swivel door to take out smthing urgently...when u r forced ta make unasked-for use of the other parts of ur body to hold it in place. :P