Tuesday, 12 February 2008

It's Such a Beautiful Day...

It was last Monday. The most beautiful day I'd seen in a long time. And I couldn't ride. That's because my hand was hurt. But back to the day. It was really fabulous. Clear skies. Not too cold, not too hot. Just perfect. One of those days even Jughead would want to spend out in the open. One of those days when you just have to just look up at the heavens and mouth a quiet "Thank You".

That's what I thought anyway. I mentioned this in passing to a couple of friends. I got a sarcastic "Yes it is" *mocking grin*. Another said "Ah so she spoke to you today!" *cheeky grin* (The author would like to make clear that the aforementioned "she" is unknown to him and probably a figment of said friend's imagination). I was even scoffed at by my mum, when I made this suggestion.

No seriously. What is it with people these days? Are they so tied up with work that it's impossible to appreciate something as simple as the weather? (The author would also like to let you know that he is aware that weather is not a simple thing. He will clear that bit up with a forthcoming post.) So lost in their own world that not even a grudging look can be spared for the sky?

It's scary really. Where are we going with this? It's bad enough people won't even notice the weather (Unless it's raining. In which case the weather notices you. Not the other way around), but how can you not notice it when it is pointed out to you? Can you really miss the blue skies? Can you really overlook the pleasant breeze? I thought not, but I've been given a sudden jolt back to reality (ironically, one that jolts me away from reality). There's no time for this anymore. I'm in shock really. There's only one thing to do. The next time I'm blessed with such a day, I'll make polite gestures at the world. And go off on my bike... to wherever the road may lead me.


Khushroo said...

Sith + beautiful day = Emo

anu said...

Sith + beautiful day = beautiful Sith + day.

Now, that's something! :)