Tuesday, 12 February 2008


So this is it then. The pilot of Grey Sith. Those of you who saw Err? and thought it was the pilot, well it wasn't. It was my 'What the Random?' moment of that day. I'm allowed those you know.

So yes. Pilot. Focus. Yes. Focus. Focus is vital in the force sensitive. And it fails me. All the time. Like now. What is focus then? *Suffers greater loss of focus*

I'll talk of the Grey Sith then. The Grey Sith is a new sith order, formed by me, Darth Krijn. The basic principles of a grey sith are simple. A grey sith is a moderate sith. One who imbibes the principles of the sith, but does not practice them to the hilt. The right word probably is dispassionate. Almost in contradiction of the Sith code.

And with that slice of think-pie, I'll leave you for now. To Meditate in my chamber. To Focus.


anu said...


I've decided I'm gonna read each n every post of urs! From scratch. :D
And grace the comment section :P

ohh n btw, I blogrolled U! like someone said y'day. Find out where it is. :)

greySith said...

How about helping this blogging challenged weirdo right here and telling him how exactly to make and add stuff to a blogroll?