Wednesday, 27 February 2008

New Display Pic

Finally, it is complete.

What you see to the right (or the left, if you're a bat (that isn't flying)), is my new display pic. A friend (who the author would like to call KhaGaM, since he is unsure how the said friend will react to use of his name) drew this brilliant sketch during an english lecture, a long long time ago (in a galaxy far far away...). In a weird sort of way, this pic is the inspiration for how I define a Grey Sith. The sketch was drawn during an english lecture (delivered by a teacher we shall call 'Ric Flair'), in a borrowed textbook. The borrowed textbook belongs to another friend (who, for similar reasons will be referred to as L) Here's a better look:

Credits for this nice bit of art roll as follows:
KhaGaM (of course)
L (The nice guy who spent a lot of time taping together the paper on which this was drawn and the photographing it from "odd and awkward angles to get the lighting right")
Ric Flair (Without whom KhaGaM wouldn't have been bored enough to attempt this)


anu said...

looks like Lord Voldemort in an opera cloak..not to mention...badly in need of a visit to the barber's. :D

What's in his hand btw?

greySith said...

That's a lightsaber. From Star Wars. The entire sith concept is from star wars.