Saturday, 16 February 2008

Coincidences - Part 2

It's really odd. Yesterday, I'd posted about coincidences. And surprisingly (not?) I stumbled upon another coincidence, within a matter of a few minutes... What's going on?

This time, I was reading up on the 'Drake Equation'. It's a famous result, that gives the number of alien intelligences that may be present in our galaxy. It is based on as many as seven factors. Needless to say that the values taken for these seven factors are mostly based on the guesstimates of Frank Drake, rather than any scientific data. It is still an interesting result. According to Frank Drake, we should have about 10 communicating intelligences in our galaxy. Current estimates of the values put the result at a dismal 2. Then again, at least 2 is a number that doesn't really disagree with the Fermi paradox, which I might talk about later... For now, here's the Drake equation:

The coincidence rises from the fact that yesterday I was reading my favourite web comic, xkcd, and what is the first strip I see based on? The Drake Equation of course! It puzzles me a little, the rate at which these coincidences are happening. But ah well... Here's the comic:

Oh and by the way, xkcd is a really great web comic. Give it a visit once in a while. You won't be disappointed.


Harsh Pande said...

hehe Frank Drake's formula... Where did ya find that? And the formula seems drawn in ms paint. Best part was the last entity in the formula
B = Amount of bullshit one buys from Drake!!!

greySith said...

That's xkcd... Pure magic

anu said...

And how, precisely, does one assess intelligence [or non-intelligence]??
Leave alone the probability.... :O

greySith said...

The same way that you say a dog is not intelligent (per se) and man is.