Sunday, 22 November 2009

Pity the fool


Madhura said...

"Dikhta hoon villain jaisa, par kaam hero ka karta hoon" - Yes, thats the magic spice we were missing in Pune - Dhai-tola-sona-Anna-Shetty-lookalike. I really cant choose between Ramesh'mama' Wanjale and Mr.T. Although Mr.T on trump cards is a better choice than Anna Shetty on front page headlines.

greySith said...

Mr. T is waaaaaay cooler than Mr. Wanjale is :D

For me, Mr. T over Mr. Wanjale- anywhere, anyday!

shravan said...

Steps for Mr. W to transform into Mr. T
1-> Increase skin shade.
2->Remove that darn tikaa !!
3->Get "The Mr-T hair style" preferably from some barber sitting at worli seaface.
4->Get a life and personality.

The odds of the last one happening are hard :P