Monday, 26 October 2009

Different things from the same night

Went out for a friend's birthday party. A couple of things happened over the course of the night that I'd like to write about...

#1 - Talking to a friend, Sa,
Sa: You've tasted most of the beer we drink.. what do you think?
Me: Meh... it's so bitter, why drink it?
Sa: See, it's not about bitter... It gives me a mild high, which I like. The bitter doesn't matter to me.
Me: But aren't there better tasting things to get a high with?
Sa: Such as what?
Me: Adrenaline for one... not that you get to taste it...
Sa: And how do you suppose I get adrenaline?
Me: Bikes... Doing crazy things on a bike really gets the adrenaline pumping
Sa: And yeah, you expect me to do crazy stuff on a Pep?
Me: *speechless*

Ah well, to each his own...

#2 - Having dinner,
A friend of the b'day boy (I don't know him directly (the friend, not the b'day boy)) was trying to squeeze a lemon onto some food,
H: What the hell man, no juice in this lemon...
Sa: Arre woh nimbu nahi, mazaak hai...
H (signalling a waiter) : Arre bhaiiya nimbu laana... mazaak nahin
*laughter all around*

Ha Ha


TheTrooper said...

better tasting?

some people will say "Benadryll"

others will say OLD MONK,

i'll say - Port Wine! (though arguably very low in the high department) (hehe)

On a serious note, there are people who love the bitterness - same as people like bitter chocolate and black coffee. (i like neither)...

I know/ have read about people who get high by burning/ cutting themselves... endorphin rush!

As for the bike thingy, Geronimo!

(sorry if the comment rambled too much)

Madhura said...

I do crazy stuff on a Pep :-| as much as it allows me to!