Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Growing up

Is the time it takes for the Birthday flag in your status register to go from:

1 - Yipeee!! Birthday time


0 - Heh, it's my birthday


x - Don't care


abhi said...

I don't quite agree with that, although I'm myself in the '0' state currently..
Growing up probably has a much deeper meaning and more significant changes than merely not bothering about one's birthday..
Fifty years down the line I visualise myself gathering around all oldie friends and having a nice, peaceful meal and sharing the ups and downs; maybe my way of celebrating..
However, I do agree the way in which we celebrate our birthday might change from "oh I wanna do this, oh I wanna do that" to "let's see, we'll do something"; but "doing something different" is and should be an integral part of one's birthday..

Anonymous said...

One of my teachers once said, "Whats so great about a birthday? Its one more tick in the countdown"