Sunday, 23 March 2008

Trek to Visapur

I'd gone to Visapur last Sunday with a bunch of friends. It was a nice trek... The landscape is quite nice. We took a hell of a while to get there, but that was expected. You cannot expect to be quick when you're stopping every 15 min for clicking photographs.

The trek was entirely worth the time and energy spent. Not for the experience of trekking or anything though... It was worth it because I had the chance to listen to a hilarious conversation between one of our group and his friend. And I'll narrate it!

The rest of the group had gone off to see a temple, after we'd climbed the fort. That left three of us at the place where we'd had lunch. The three were (... with Gandalf, Galadriel and Elrond!) Me and a couple of guys I'll call Abba and Enthu. Abba was half asleep when his friend called. After the customary exchanges of greetings, this is what transpired...

Enthu: I need a place to lie down... My leg hurts...
Abba: Here, you can lie down next to me.
She: Who're you talking to?
Abba: Ah that's just my girlfriend. Asked her to lie down next to me... Hello?
She: ... (static) ...
Enthu & Me: HAHAHAHAHAHA. Due you have no idea how to talk to a girl.
Abba: Arre but she's not even my girlfriend or anything for her to just cut the call like that!
Enthu: Dude are you mad? Why would you say something like that to any female?
Me: Really. You're mad!
Abba: Arre damn. What do I do now?
Enthu and Me: (still laughing) Call her and patch up.
Enthu: By the way, the first response you're going to get is 'WHAT?'.
Me: Hahahaha
Abba (calls): Er...
She: WHAT?
Abba: Er that was just my friends playing a prank... There''s no girl here...
She: Hmm... Have you reached the top of the fort?
Abba: Yes... It was fun.
She: Have you had your lunch?
Abba: Yes...
(Enthu and I are still snickering at the poor chap)
She: Are you tired or anything?
Abba: Nah I'm alright. How's your program going.
She: It's not really working... There's some debugging to be done. When will you be back?
Abba: Er I'll be home by around 4...
Enthu: Arre you might as well forget about getting home before 6:30
Abba: SHHH! er...
She: You're not going to be here by 4 eh?
Abba: Er... we might get a little late...
Me: (to Enthu, both of us still laughing) Look at him... She's so concerned about him... He hasn't even asked her if she's had lunch or anything...
Enthu: Really re... What a pathetic fellow.
(The conversation went on a little, in this manner. Then, there was this uncomfortable pause)
Abba: ...
She: ...
Abba: (Now desperate to get conversation going again) Tell me one thing... Have you ever had Krackjack with jam?
(At this point Enthu and I started doubling over with laughter)
She: Krac.. What? What is wrong with you?
Abba: Er nothi-
She: Are you alright?
Abba: Er..
(We were still howling with laughter)
She: ... (static) ...
Abba: (To us) Look what you did! She cut the call again!
Me: HAHAHAHA that wasn't us... you did that yourself... KRACKJACK AND JAM HAHAHAHA
Enthu: Is that really something to ask her?
Abba: Arre I was just... damn... just wanted to talk to her about lunch...
Enthu: So you asked her if she'd had krackjack and jam? HAHAHAHAHA

And so it went on for quite a while... He even called her again, and we had more cruel laughs at his expense!
The whole trip was justified, just by these 15 minutes!

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