Tuesday, 4 March 2008


I have this feeling very often. When everything I see becomes fodder for abstract thoughts. All sense of reality is shred away from the smallest things... becoming more and more unreal as I think about it. Words. They're a favourite theme for abstraction. The word in question swiftly loses all sense as I drown in my sea of abstruse ideas. It goes on until I have no clue what the word means, or how I spell it. Then, my mind blanks out and reboots.

It gets worse with things I see around me... The IC engine dissolves into a piston reciprocating in thin air. And then details are added in, without there yet being a cylinder. And then my mind overloads and reboots. The maths equation gets split into a thousand small pieces. Each piece, my mind tries in vain to define. And fails spectacularly after heroic attempts to make sense of half of them. And again, the reboot.

I try to read a book, and the thermodynamic problem I decided to give up on more than a year ago, waltzes into my head. And it will not leave me. Till I've exhausted all my mental faculties. And all that remains is the reboot.

Sometimes I think it's too much for my tiny mind. I do not possess the mental powers to sustain long period of abstraction. But then again, if the powers that be were listening, I wouldn't even have the small periods of abstraction.

It doesn't really matter thoug... *Reboot*

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