Monday, 17 March 2008

A Small Trip

I've been wanting to go biking someplace for a while. Last Sunday (i.e. not yesterday) that's just what I did. Took a couple of friends and another bike, and off we went to the Khadakwasla dam near Pune. I was disappointed by the length of the journey. It was rather shorter than we'd planned for...

Nevertheless, it was fun. Three of us. Two bikes. And the (mostly) open road. The area around Khadakwasla is quite a place... It's alternatively full of lush green vegetation and dry deciduous trees. Sets up the landscape quite nicely.

Those are of course our bikes. I rode both of 'em for reasonable while (not at the same time of course!). The Unicorn is a silent performer. The gears almost never run out, the engine is noiseless, the ride is smooth. The Apache on the other hand is agressive, racy and just dying to surge forward. We nearly went around the entire length of the dam reservoir.

I've got a couple of other pics as well:

Khadakwasla, in hindsight, is a nice place to go if you just want to spend the morning for a short ride. For a longer ride though, I'd strongly suggest a longer distance, say Panshet Dam or Pavna Dam (The author wishes to let you know that there are other places you can go to, around Pune, but just don't ask the author. He doesn't know... not just yet anyway).

It was my first taste of biking, my first baby steps into a wonderful new world. I rather like it!

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