Sunday, 20 November 2011

One thing heard, and another said

Smt. 420: is it just me, or all my notes rebelling against me?
i have seem to lost 2 of them..n i hate to find for stuff..:s

me: I lose notes too
can't find the right one
and it's damn annoying

Smt. 420: got them ..phew...

me: damn you
I just get stuck
till I hit the right one

Smt. 420: listen i lost my notebook last week..
i had all my notes proper for once...

me: I can't play the tunes that are in my head
my loss is bigger than yours

Smt. 420: everyone wanted copies of it n what not..
i had to photocopy someone elses book...depressing that was
one note book i managed to maintain n i lose it :P

me: lol
have you not noticed?
I have been punning all this time

Smt. 420: as in?

me: read everything I said about notes again

Smt. 420: oh my gawd...

PS: There will be more posts about the lore of Smt. 420. Later.


Harshvardhan Pande said...

this was killer :D

Ajinkya said...

Hilarious, dude!

greySith said...

Thanks! At times I feel I should cut back on the lame punning. Then things like this happen :D

Amit Patil said...


sanmk4890 said...

Dude, the punning here was so obvious!! You could do better,you win zero internets for that.

Omkar Yarguddi said...


Gantavya said...

pakka pun'eri pun'dit hai re tu! M sure you meet a lot of Pun'jabis there :D awesome post! :D

Amit Patil said...

Notes aptly PUNished...Ha 'PUN' kharach bhaari ahe ;)

Madhura said...

Kahi 'pun'! :-D

greySith said...
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greySith said...

Thank you! Your appreciation... [puts on sunglasses] noted

som nang said...

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