Sunday, 22 August 2010

Weapon of mass STFU

Are you,
tired of windows fanboys screaming that windows is stable?
tired of linux fanboys screaming that linux is stabler?
tired of linux fanboys screaming that their OS is near impossible to break?

Do you just want them to STFU?The diligent folks working at Engineers - Very Insidious Ltd (E-VIL) have come up with just the product for you! We present for you, the Destructo Drive. Masterminded by the head of E-VIL, Dr. S.H. Ravan himself, this innocent looking usb drive guarantees a system crash on any OS.

Innocent looking Drive

Just plug it in, and get ready for the fanboys to be annihilated.

Destroyer of Worlds


Harshvardhan Pande said...

this post really cracked me up, frustration maxx :D

greySith said...

Though, honestly, that evil pen drive does make Windows BSOD and Linux freeze completely.

greySith said...
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