Sunday, 17 August 2008

Anti-Friendship day

I've been inactive. If only I had brought my self to type out things I've wanted to... but suddenly, I feel this surge. I want to write. From now on, I want to write frequently. Write about something significant rather than meaningless, poorly written posts like this one. From now on, I will try to rattle off readable blog entries at a lively pace.

So off again. My tirade today, is against friendship day. It's wrong for a few million reasons, (there is of course the small probability that I have grievously underestimated that number) I'm going to try and talk about a few of them.

Let's begin then. I'm sick of the sheer number of days in a year dedicated to this person and that... this concept and that... COME OFF IT ALREADY! How hard is it to see that this is just a crass marketing ploy on the part of the greeting card companies? With the spread of inexpensive cellular technology, the mobile companies too have it all to gain. The entire concept of having these days is to honour something or someone that you normally take for granted, or say/do things you normally wouldn't. So lets rattle off with the ones that come to my mind now...
Mothers day - Mothers are underrated. I think it's good that there is at least one day in the year when the things she does for you and me are respected.
Fathers Day - Fathers are not underrated. I love my father too, but it is simply silly to celebrate a fathers day in a society such as ours, where the male is so predominant.
Doctors Day - WHAT? WHY? I think you feel enough gratitude for the good ones, and hate the inept ones enough all through the year.
I could go on forever... but the list will never end. We need to stop. Stop playing into the hands of these pathetic marketing ploys. I mean, for our example, friendship day... What makes any of you think that it matters one teensy-weensy little bit? The good friends will be standing by your side, the fickle ones will leave you, friendship day celebration/cards/bands or not.

I consider the whole ordeal entirely farcical... I will not wish anyone a happy friendship day in my life, but you are more than welcome to join my anti-friendship day crusade.

Until next time, !X!


anu said...

I'm in, as usual :D

And good to see you back in form!

Anonymous said...

ham bhi hai team main!
although i feel there is no harm in celebrating the days, in the same way that there is no benefit too

i just feel that we should celebrate days of national importance with equal fervor as little known "days".

think about it...everyone knows nowadays what 14th february is but
most have forgotten what 19th feb is

Sameer said...

Aah... just like people celebrate it for the sake of.....

some people oppose/criticize just for the sake of.... :|

and some people even write on it(!) for the sake of ;) :P and wait wait wait....if that's not all...they even gather people to join them(!!!)

btw dude, do u celebrate you birthday at least?

greySith said...

@ Sameer - I haven't celebrated my birthday for the past couple of years actually.

My criticism is only of the fact that people get carried away by marketing policies.

Sameer said...

okay... and i said it in lighter sense :)

no comments on not celebrating b'day

greySith said...

No offence taken, if that's what you mean :)

Aadinath Harihar said...

i disagreee
i am writing this comment merellyyl to let sithy lament at how bads this grammars could be. this is direct outfall of sending me a drank maile.
i disagreed with sith about cult of baba wothless pist
it be nice