Monday, 29 November 2010

Notes for the COAM External

I doubt you'll read this, but it must be written. Here are some notes that should help the next time you take a viva:

1. Why don't people use Pentium 5, Pentium 6 etc?
Probably because they don't exist. That must be most of the reason.

2. Today's processors don't follow Moore's law.
Yes, they do. Your insistence that they don't does not change reality.

3. Dual core processors are the latest innovation - released 1-2 years ago.
No. There have been dual core processors at least since 2001.

4. Shrinking the manufacturing process increases total power consumption.
This is just stupid. It increases idle power consumption, not total.

5. Process shrinks are the only way to increase performance.
It's one way. There are many others.

6. Dual core processors exist because it's impossible to increase the clocks on a single core beyond a limit.
It can be done, refer Pentium 4. Dual cores exist because they're better at handling multitasking.

7. Pentium 4 dual core is the latest processor from Intel.
The only thing good about this is that you haven't seen Intel's garbage advertisements for the '2010 Core Processor Family'. You know what's bad? You don't read newspapers, or watch TV.

If you do read this, at least you will know that the world's changed since Ray-Bhurchandi was published. Just sayin'


abhi said...

super likes man!!! simply super likes!!
how i miss those not-so-infrequent times we've spent ranting and venting out frustration over these things!!! hahaha!!!

Harshvardhan Pande said...

i was laughing all the way through this post, i wish i cuda seen ur expressions while the viva was on :D

greySith said...

Look, I don't resent being torn apart by an external who knows his stuff. At times I've learnt more from the external in the viva than I have learn from the prof in the whole semester. But this guy... Good grief. What a noob.