Sunday, 3 October 2010


The Ayodhya verdict has come, and I've finally been able to have a decent look at it. I like the fact that the court wants an amicable solution that does not hurt any particular religion. There is one thing that riles me - the fact that the HC seems to have implicitly accepted (if not declared) that the Babri Masjid dome was the birthplace of Ram.

Too many questions come to mind here. But basically, how can anyone prove beyond doubt that Ram was born at that exact location? Does some scripture mention exact geographic co-ordinates? Just because people believe something doesn't mean it's true. If that's how the judgement is going to work, let me stake a claim too.

I claim, nay, I believe that the Flying Spaghetti Monster was born at the exact same location that is the claimed birthplace of Ram. Further, my scriptures say that FSM was born there before Ram. That is where his noodly appendage first touched man. I therefore stake claim to the disputed land.

The land must be handed over to the Church of Pastafarianism and we must be allowed to build a monument (probably spaghetti and meatballs) to FSM. According to the HC, this belief is all I need to 'prove' that FSM was indeed born there. I have not furnished a shred of evidence (because FSM was born thousands of years ago, before Ram), but my claim is as valid as the claim for a Temple there. Ridiculous.

There is documented proof of a Mosque there. There is specious evidence (?), if any, of a temple or of anyone being born there. So lets go by the evidence - build a Mosque there. Build a temple adjacent to it. And lets live peacefully ever after, not letting idiot politicians divide us again.


Abhijit said...

A larger question is how can a court of law in modern time decide on historical things? Whatever happened in past has happened, and can't be undone or corrected today. Otherwise we'll have to cut the thumbs of some brahmins because their forefather cut the thumb of Eklavya; we'll have to destroy all temples built on buddhist structures, gujaratis will have to loot marathis because shivaji raided surat and so on!

greySith said...

That's the whole point! Something wrong was done. The tit-for-tat thing to do is to raze down a Hindu temple.
That's idiotic.

The next sane thing to do is to try and fix things and alleviate the wrong. That involves building a Mosque there.

But what does the court do? It worsens the suffering of one community because the other community 'believes' something. What tripe.