Tuesday, 18 August 2009

What's making news

Seen the news lately? Here's your news round up for the past month, and the next month:
1. Swine flu - We're all going to die AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
2. Drought - No crops, we're all going to die AAAAAAAAA!!!
3. Terrorists - We're all going to die AAAAAAAAAA!!!
4. Pakistan - We're all going to die AAAAAAAAAA!!!
5. Naxalism - They're going to take over the naxal belt, then the rest of India, we're all going to die AAAAAAAAAA!!!

Not to say that these issues are not important, but really, do we need to be told all the time that we're all going to die?

(On a related note, I like how news channels have debates on 'Has the Swine Flu problem been blown out of proportion?'. We all know who's been screaming that we're all going to die.)

(On an unrelated note, an exoplanet with a retrograde orbit has been discovered recently. In case you missed the half second of screen time that this (newsworthy) bit got, here's a link.)


Anonymous said...

Courage runs to the attic and asks the computer for help.

greySith said...

Only there is no computer, and all courage is doing is panicking.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, as far as Pakis and Naxals and the Chinese are concerned, the approach we must take is:
Step2. Work, arm, organize,strengthen.
Step3. Aane do saalon ko.

If there is no step one, there is little motivation for step 2. Look at Israel. Sadly, our people are either not going AAAAAAAAAAAAA or stopping at step 1.

greySith said...

Step one is occurring... Sadly we're stopping at step 1.

Gautam Akiwate said...

In India
Step 2: More AAAAAAAAAAA!!
Step 3: Why the AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!