Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Back to the pen, wrinkles

The first news of Dr. Manmohan Singh's new cabinet is beginning to leak out. And the most heartening rumours are that Arjun Singh is unlikely to retain the HRD ministry. For those of you who are unaware, Mr. Arjun Singh is the man (?) who added another set of rules that make general category boys a minority. And it's not just the fact that he did it, it's the manner in which he did. It is quite clear that Dr. Singh had no intention of approving Mr. Arjun Singh's suggestions, so Arjun sigh leaked it to the media, knowing full well that once such things are said, thay can't be taken back. And as the country burned over the issue, Mr. Arjun Singh waxed eloquent about his suggestions. As the cornered PM finally relented, Arjun Singh took all the credit. Vile @^#$^@.

After the 2009 election victory, he tried once again to play the same game, saying that the Congress had been swept back to power because of his actions. And I haven't even started about the 6 (or is it 7?) 'new' 'IITs' that run in single buildings. Way to dilute the most respectable educational institution our country has to offer.

This bitter old pile of bones has singlehandedly pointed the higher educational structure of this country toward ruin (while doing nothing at the lower levels, which is where action is needed). He has punished us, the youth, for his incompetance as a minister of any sort. They say that the the more you complain, the more you act miserable, the longer god makes you live. How true.

And the man tipped to take over, is of course, Kapil Sibal. Thoroughly wronged last time around, he was the minister for science (or something like that, that no one cares for). This time might get a job where he can actually do something for the country. Go on Mr. Sibal! Show a bitter old man how the job's done!

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Anonymous said...

Amitabh Bacchan's character in Namak Halal was called Arjun Singh.
He could walk English and talk English.Aur use aisi inglis aave that he could leavhe angrez behind..

But this Arjun Singh can neither walk, nor talk. He has to be propped up by SPG bodyguards who must be cursing their job.
And in divide and rule policy he does manage to leave angrez behind!

The good thing about Nehru's dynasty is that it does not allow any other dynasty in their party to flourish, leading to fall outs with people like Arjun Singh and Natwar Singh, who tried to get their kids and grandkids a couple of election tickets.
At least Sibal looks like an intelligent old man.