Thursday, 19 March 2009

Silly but true!

This morning, I understood the real meaning of showing off. India are playing New Zealand in a three match test series. Tendulkar was playing the last few balls of the day. The light was deteriorating and Tendulkar was visibly unhappy. In the last over before they went off, Tendulkar edged two balls to the slips- though the ball fell short on both occasions. Indicating his unhappiness again, he finally convinced the umpires that he really couldn't see the ball anymore. The umpires called off play, and this was followed by the silliest and funniest bit of commentary I've ever heard. I have no idea who the commentators were, so I'll just refer to them as A and B,
(players walking off)
A: That's the mastery of Tendulkar! Deliberately edging two balls to show the umpires he can't see well... and and ensuring they drop short of the slips!
B: Aww COME ON! He's not that good!
A: (sounding like an indignant school boy) HE IS, HE IS! He is that good!

It made me smile. And it's probably true as well. Because like I said before, I've understood the real meaning of boasting today... I mean Tendulkar- the man is such a show off. Iain O'Brien was bowling one of the last overs of the day. He bowled a short ball to Tendulkar. Tendulkar decided to let it go, and left the ball in his typical style - drop the bat and sway slightly out of the way. Then he decided that would be too boring. He decided he would have some fun at the bowlers expense. By the time he'd made up his mind, the ball was almost past him, so he did the cheekiest thing- swung up the bat and cut the ball high over the slips and into the third man fence for four.



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Harshvardhan Pande said...

dude, i was at the company when that happened and i swear ppl actually clapped wen the commentators [A&B] said that.
it was an awesome 10 mins of gamesmanship by Sachin! N i do believe that "he is surely that good"

Sameer said...

He IS that good! :)