Sunday, 18 May 2008

Flickering thoughts

I use a gmail account. I blog on a google owned site. I regularly use google docs. Google search is of course a given. But enough is enough now. At this rate, google is going to take over the world. In my scathing (not really, but cool word, so there!) counter attack to google, I've signed up to Flickr.

You've probably guessed by now that the first part of most of my posts is generally meaningless. So yes, the real reason why I chose flickr over picasa. Simple. Flickr is intuitive, better managed and has a superior layout. And the most important thing. I can middle click images on flickr. I hate picasa more than anything else because it won't let me middle click and open many images in different tabs. I mean, WHATS YOUR PROBLEM, GOOGLE? IS IT WRONG TO OPEN A COUPLE OF IMAGES SIMULTANEOUSLY FROM THE SAME ALBUM IN DIFFERENT TABS? And those of you who tell me to open two instances of picasa and do what I like, zur Hölle gehen.

So yes, I like flickr because I can middle click. Go figure.

Oh yes, the link. Here it is.