Monday, 21 April 2008

Peer Back-Pressure

Peer Back-Pressure. Queer little term isn't it? I've been in a bit of a contemplative mood lately. And that's a term I've come up with. Yes, I will eventually (The author wishes to explain that 'eventually' happens to be a few lines down the post, but rather likes the indefineteness (is that a word?) of 'eventually) explain what that means, but for now, I'll lay a little bit of the foundation.

We all know what peer pressure is (And the author's unequivocal opinion is that you're a dolt if you don't). It's the implicit (or explicit) pressure exerted by a peer group on individuals, almost forcing them to change their views, likes, dislikes etc. to a stance in line with that of the peer group. Most of the time, the individual succumbs (knowingly or otherwise) to the pressure and changes. That's simple isn't it? Now, onward to the back-pressure bit.

Now, (Yes, the author understands that you're getting quite annoyed, but he's enjoying this. Be a little patient) back pressure is this term I came across while reading a bit of hydraulics. And being in the contemplative mood, it just sort of fit in. So yes, the point of this post. What I mean by back-pressure is the pressure the individual exerts upon himself to change, when his views on anything, agree with the views of an unpopular bunch of people. This sort of thing is what I've noticed around me recently. What I fail to understand is, why must the individual change if his views agree with those of an unpopular group? Surely, views and nature are not necessary or sufficient conditions for each other. Liking a particular band/book that is liked by the aforementioned groups does not make you a member of that group, and similarly, the other way around. In my opinion, the individual should stay as he/she is, and not be influenced by this peer back-pressure.

Whew! Did you get all of that? When I wrote this, it was with a few people I knew in mind. But all the thinking has led me to quite a conclusion! I've discovered, over the past day or so, that I've been as guilty of succumbing to peer back-pressure as the people I had in mind. Aren't we all?


Anonymous said...

The grey sith's observations on the topic of peer pressure and peer-back pressure are indeed praiseworthy.

I have myself observed another phenomenon.Let us call it Queer pressure.

Queer pressure is peer pressure with a 'kyun'

What I mean to say is that suddenly a certain idea becomes the bulwark of the peer groups' pressure strategy...but this idea just appears out of nowhere.

The ideas that peer groups tend to impress are generally backed by a logic or philosophy, albeit twisted

But the queer idea is there simply because its there.
No one can explain in whose mind its meme first expresses itself and how it mutates and how it proliferates to such a large extent.

And to make up for the philosophical/logical background that is necessary to pressurize, a logical structure is invented for the same.
Before you know it its all around hydrostatic pressure..equal from all sides.

This is how outrageous fashions, useless fads of all kind, and even large scale movements come into being.

Im sure all those who read this must have observed this phenomenon...sensed the enormous disturbance it causes in the Force

May the Force protect us from this stuff.

greySith said...

"Queer pressure is peer pressure with a 'kyun' "

Haha that's a good one.